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About Us

About Us

There is no greater source of joy or satisfaction than the experience of saving the life of an animal and helping it find a loving home.

Dirty Dog Squad is an independent rescue group, based in Venice CA. We are a not for profit 501c3 California corporation.

We are a boutique rescue group that takes pride in the special attention we give to each of out rescue animals. We believe there are a lot of great homes, and a lot of great dogs, but not every home is great for every dog. We do our best to make sure each of our dogs is placed in a home that best suits them. Our priority is advocating for the comfort, safety, and happiness of the animals we place.

For information on adopting or fostering,please visit our Adoptions Page

Dirty Dog Squad participates in multiple other activities to assist animals in need
Dirty Dog Squad actively supports fellow members in the dog rescue community. In addition to adopting animals out of local city and county shelters, we transport dogs from shelters to sanctuaries and other rescue groups, provide food and supplies to other organizations, offer video and photography services to help other groups publicize their animals, and maintain an active presence on the internet to help raise awareness of our dogs, and those from other groups or individuals, that are in need of veterinary care or homes.

Dirty Dog Squad actively participates in rescuing dogs trapped in several animal hoarding situations. We have partnered with other groups to rescue the captive animals from the hoarders' sites, and then find fosters and homes for dozens of these unfortunate animals.

Dirty Dog Squad also maintains an active presence in the Anti-Puppy Mill campaigns, offering video and editing services for a variety of small and nationally known animal welfare groups.

We are desperately in the need for volunteer help, especially in the foster care area. Each dog rescued form the shelter is kept away from household pets until we are confident they are healthy. Boarding in isolation at a veterinary office is difficult to secure and costs hundreds of dollars per week per dog. This becomes our greatest financial and logistical burden. Please contact us if you are able to provide temporary housing for these dogs in need until they can be placed at in a home or doggie-daycare environment.

Each rescue becomes a significant burden to our resources. The typical shelter rescue runs hundreds of dollars - and that's without complications ! - $40 - 90 for adoption, $200 - 300 for isolation boarding during first week, plus the usual medication and vet costs as so many of these dogs have kennel cough, parasites, fleas/ticks, skin problems - and that doesn't count the ones with known injuries and masses that need to be evaluated and treated. Kittens and [puppies bring the additional expense of vaccinations. Until our dogs find permanent homes, we place them in foster homes or at doggie daycare centers, which again can cost us $200.00 per week per dog.

The costs of rescue, boarding, transportation, food, and veterinary care, turns each saved animal into an expensive adventure.

Our only source of funding to save these animals is through your donations. We appreciate any financial support you can provide to help us continue our mission of finding homes for these forgotten friends.

Your donations to Dirty Dog Squad are tax-deductible. Please consult your accountant for details.

We rely completely on private donations to fund our organization.  Please support a pet in need today with your tax-deductible contribution.

We rely completely on private donations to fund our organization.  Please support a pet in need today with your tax-deductible contribution.

Send checks to :

Dirty Dog Squad 

P O Box 12888

Marina del Rey, CA  90295

or donate with our secure online system


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