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Coulson is amazing - he's the sweetest, gentlest, cuddliest guy you'll ever meet - he has a wonderful smile, a lovely disposition - everyone falls in ...


Cricket the Baby Kangaroo needs a Foster/Adopter Home in Los Angeles --
Well., almost kinda a kangaroo ----- she's a really sweet young long legged Chihuahua mix who is very sweet and shy and cuddly - but she's homeless for the Holidays and board ...


Living by the beach with a friend that looks like his cloned brother

Fee, Fi, Foe, Fum

Four brothers dropped at the shelter in a box - now in great homes - all habve a cat companion where they live


4 mo. old Shepherd mix male found as stray, so gentle and full of love, crawls into your lap asking for bellyrubs, now leaves on the beach with his best friend, another GSD puppy Cali.



Foxy is a sweet faced little 2 year old beagle girl - lived with her family for about a year until their work schedules didn't leave time for her anymore. She's frie ...


Gherkin is a cuddly and delightful little girl - about a year old who weighs about 15 lbs.  She's very good with other dogs - healthy and spayed. She loves to crawl into your lap and tunnels under the covers to sleep at night.  She's an ...


Gilligan is a young Shepherd/Retirever/Lab mix  - handsome, healthy and fun.  He's an energetic  guy, very affectionate and a very quick learner. Gilligan loves everybody - he just rumbles over to strangers, flashes the big brown eyes an ...


Dudley is a young German Shepherd - about 2 years old.  We rescued him from the shelter  after he was dumped by his owner - emaciated, filthy, flea-infested . But now He has gained twenty pounds, and his fur is lush and beautiful. Despite his ...


Rescued from the hseter along with his mother - Gidget (see below) - cute, cuddly, and we're not sure if he really is a dog or soem other creature ...


Grady is a Senior shepherd/husky mix, about 50 lbs.  He loves to go for his walks and is full of life. He has a kind, sweet face that is full of soul and a thick husky coat.  He is very happy sitting next to you get rubbed. Grady is goo ...


Harry found a great home with a lab and shpherd mix and a cat - even a big backyard - lots of walks and home-made jerky treats too


House has an amazing spirit-  such joy when he sees you - hit by a car and left with a prarlyzed fornt leg, he is an amazing guy - the shelter tried to talk us out of taking this "crippled' guy - and he's one of our all time favorites !



Humphrey is a young mixed breed sweetheart - he will grow to be a medium sized dog. He was found wandering, dirty and alone, ona downtown street,  He is very sweet and friend ...


Jack is a gentle soulful 10 month old Catahoula Hound mix who was found by the side of the road in rural Texas along with his litter mates, still being nursed by their mother.  He has wonderful sad eyes and a big schmushable snout. He is friendly ...


5 year old Boxer/Lab mix found tied to a shed in the desert when stolen by a hoarder, now living happily in a loving home


Zelda Foundation

Kamee is a sweet a  senior lab mix - she was left at the shelter along with her brother Kongol, when their owner moved.  She is a bit mroe shy than her outgoing brother, but also more affectionate.  She ...


Kongol is a graceful but playful large hound/shepherd mix - abandoned at the shelter withhis sister when his owner moved.  He is a gentle giant - vefriendly adn playful - and a HUGE fan of playing ball. His a bti thin right now, and has a touch of ...



KUMQUAT is a cuddly and cute little lady - about 12 lbs and 6 months old - she's a lowrider built like a dachshund but a terrier beard and silky gray hair on her body.  She love ...

Little Red

A female young Tabby found with her litter mates living under a neighbor's porch.

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