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Yes- these ears are real ---  This is Abbott - a 6 month old male great Dane/pit bull mix - about 35 lbs so probably 75 lbs full grown. He is happy and goofy - incredibly friendly with people a ...


Alfie is a fun loving little guy - friendly with people, full of energy -he loves playing with other dogs, great in the car - and theres no other dog that looks like him !!


Archie was turned in by a family when they moved. He is one of the easiest, sweetest dogs we have ever met. He's a real keeper.


Saved the day she was scheduled for death, this darling old soul dog was emaciated and covered in tumors - Now she's a gorgeous wolf mix who become a therapy dog for her new adopting Mom - and sleeps on her king bed with silk pillows instead of the cement ...


Ashley found a great home, complete with a 3 foot iguana as a roommate. She became quite a celebrity and gets recognized every day when she go ...


Living wiht a great couple with his own private yard to play ball all the time


Bernie has an amazing owner - he has couch and bed privileges - though he does have to get up at 530 every morning and go running ( not sure he likes getting up THAT early)

Big Ears

A male young Tabby found with his litter mates living under a neighbor's porch. Now living with a family with dogs and children.


Adopted straight out of the shelter from an email passed through 3 parties - thanks for all your help!



BLOSSOM is a ton of fun - although she only weighs about 110 lbs.  She is  about 2 years old - and a very sweet and affectionate girl who will stand for hours to get her ...


Charlie is a sweet senior boy who had a bit of a rough life. We rescued him from the shelter, where he was found abrought in as a stray with a badly fractured leg. The injury was too old to repair, so Charlie now has a slightly shortened leg, which mak ...


Moved to a home with two other rescue dogs - including Lola adopted last year - and two children - has daily swims in the pool, and couch privileges


This sweet 9 mo Shepherd/Lab mix has a home with 2 girls, 2 dogs, 2 cats and gets to watch TV in bed


7 year old Catahoula mix male Rescued from a hoarder, had been living at the shelter for 2 years, now at home with 4 other dogs

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a fun-lovin, low-rider, pumpkinhead - looks like a Basset Hound with a Bulldog head. He is always smiling, tail wagging a million miles an hour - He is very friendly with people and dogs.  Charlie is young and full of life



Scored a fantastic home with everything she likes - a yard, kids , and another dog - and its Numi - one of our other rescues !!!!


A male young Tabby found with her litter mates living under a neighbor's porch. Now living with a fmaily with dogs and children.


No more hoarders - Chumlee is the only dog in this house - a great life and getting lots of love and walks


COCONUT is a 7 year old cream colored, Cockapoo mix - about 12 lbs.  She is friendly and cuddly, good on a leash, housetrained. She was so sad when she was left at the shelter - yo ...

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